The New 3DS hasn’t locked out homebrew ⊟

In this proof of concept video, Smealum demonstrates that his imported New 3DS can still be modified to run his unreleased homebrew launcher. For those of you who haven’t followed these developments, the French coder intended to launch a Homebrew Channel for the original 3DS but delayed the release to ensure its compatibility with Nintendo’s new hardware. His hack is particularly interesting because it’s purportedly incapable of loading pirated 3DS games.

Smealum notes, “Unfortunately, this [demonstration] was the easy part, and getting everything else running will be insanely tedious and take a fair amount of time (a few weeks, by my estimate). So essentially, this is a nice step forward; we’re still on track, and things are looking positive! But we’re not quite there yet, so sit tight.”


This is great to hear, but Nintendo could always change that with an update (I really hope they don’t).


Fan animation of The Amazing World of Gumball. (Episode: The Storm)
Audio was taken from the actual episode from Cartoon Network.